Please wear a mask or face covering to your appointment.  If you require one at the appointment you will be charged $2.

FL!P TeleHealth Virtual Appointments

  • TeleHealth Virtual Appointment ($80) 45min for new and existing injuries and accompanying home program.

In-Person Appointments at FL!P

(376 Churchill Ave. N, Suite #310)

  • Assessment of back pain/sciatic pain OR two injuries  75min: ($190)
  • Assessment of one injury (except back pain) 45min: ($110) for new injuries or clients who have not been seen for more than 6 months
  • 30min Follow-up ($85) for one (1) injury previously assessed
  • 60min Follow-Up ($150) for complicated or multiple injuries previously assessed

Appointments at OGC

  • OGC On-Site Sessions ($40) 30min *Due to COVID-19 restrictions these are not currently available. Please contact for more information if needed.
    • Note: these are for OGC gymnasts only.  Treatments are located inside Ottawa Gymnastics Centre (OGC). These reduced rates are to help promote timely assessments and treatments for faster recoveries and enhanced injury prevention.

Bike Fitting at FL!P

*Due to maternity leave Brenna is not currently offering Bike Fitting at this time. 

  • Bike Fit ($350) 2.5 hours includes physiotherapy assessment, personalized fit on your bike (on basic trainer) and a 30min follow up usually 4-8 weeks after initial fit. Fits are done in the FL!P Physiotherapy Clinic at 376 Churchill Ave. N, Suite 310. We ask you clean your bike for your appointment and ensure it can be mounted on a basic CycleOps trainer. Please contact us to book your Bike Fit. 


  • Documentation ($25-75) depending on time taken by your therapist

Coverage and Receipts

A receipt is issued at time of payment and delivered via email.
We advise you look into prescription requirements for physiotherapy coverage with your insurance company.

For more info please contact us at info@flipphysio.com or 613-612-9686