Youth/Paediatric Physiotherapy

FL!P Physio has ample experience treating young clients who have sustained an injury, are experiencing pain, or have neuromuscular concerns.

Brenna has a special interest with youth athletes and has been working with young clients for over 15 years. Her current clientele is approximately 40% young clients, from ages <1 to 21. Brenna’s experience as an injured young athlete fuels her compassion for kids who are in pain and unable to do the activities they enjoy. As such, Brenna is known for coming in early or staying late to ensure she gets young clients in ASAP. Brenna has dedicated times in her schedule for acute injuries, however, if you cannot seem to book your child in right way please contact her at

Youth sport team coverage is also a focus for Brenna. She has worked alongside many youth teams in Toronto and Ottawa. She has hosted injury prevention workshops for U18 ultimate frisbee athletes, and has long standing affiliations with Rideau Canoe Club, Ottawa Gymnastic Centre, Corona Gymnastics and other local youth teams. If you are interested in having Brenna be on-site for a youth team, or for a tournament/event please contact her at

Emma has experience through CHEO working with infant torticollis and children who suffer from neuromuscular disorders and congenital conditions. She also has experience working with children who suffer from chronic pain and CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome). In addition to her clinical work with children, she has also been a volunteer with young cancer clients for over ten years and has an amazing sense of empathy for these clients and their families.

FL!P Physio is dedicated to ensuring young clients get in as soon as possible. If you are not able to find a booking online please contact us!