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We are Registered Physiotherapists who cultivate an energetic, enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere in the heart of Westboro. We honour the 4 elements of FL!P’s mission: Faster recoveries, Lasting results, Injury Prevention & Personal care!

We encourage early intervention. If you/someone you know gets hurt we’ll do our best to see you ASAP. The first few minutes/hours are critical to recovery, so don’t wait around watching paint dry and your injury worsen – contact us or book online!

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Response to emails/calls can be up to 48hours. Immediate booking available ONLINE.

Current/Past clients: For password reset email: info@flipphysio.com

New clients: Create a log-in for each client (kids need their own)

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For acute injuries contact us ASAP! Physio right away = faster healing.  We’ll do our best to help ASAP.

Your Team

Brenna, FL!P’s founder, draws on her vast and unique experiences as a former elite athlete, Athletic Therapist and clinical & field Physiotherapist to identify and implement her mission for FL!P. She competed on the National and World stage in gymnastics/trampoline for over a decade where she experienced and overcame physical, emotional and mental struggles. Brenna, a self-proclaimed klutz, has experienced pain of too many injuries, rushed returns to sport and the general frustrations of being limited and she uses this experiences to help you avoid them. 

Kathryn is a former NCAA division 1 scholarship swimmer and Canadian national swimmer, an experienced physiotherapist and a proud new Mom. These experiences have lead to her unprecedented level of caring, empathy, devotion and proficiency. She is happy, upbeat, passionate and encouraging! She just exudes FL!Pness: focused, loyal, inspirational and personable.

Emma is an alum of University of Ottawa for both her Masters of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Health Science – yes, she is bilingual!  Emma has been FL!P glue since 2014! If you need something done or fixed she is the superstar who will make it happen.  She volunteers with paediatric oncology camps, is great at math, has done half marathons and crazy long bike rides for charity, makes everyone smile & laugh and one day wants to ride in a hot air balloon!

We are all passionate in helping you overcome and prevent injuries and will work hard to help you enjoy your active life.

Check out full Bio’s: Brenna Casey, Kathryn Easey and Emma Tanner

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