Upper Body Stretching

Chest Stretch in Doorway

Chest Stretch in Doorway (for Pec Minor)


Stand flush with doorway, place elbow low (not at 90deg), and take a small step forwards and move chest upwards. Should not have any pain and should feel a stretch just at chest muscle. Hold for 1min and come out of it slowly.












General Chest Stretch aka “supported fish” in yoga”

Start by putting a rolled towel (choose the diameter based on comfort) across your upper back, approx between your shoulder blades (location varies and is chosen by comfort). Towel can also be placed along the spine (up and down vs. sideways). Start with knees bent, then do a chin tuck (or use hands to help) – if you are on a  sticky yoga mat your head will now stay in this position. Then slowly straighten one leg at a time. You will feel stretching through your back and chest muscles. This can be held anywhere from 1-10min. Ensure it is comfortable!


Stretches for wrists and elbows: