Upper Body Strengthening

Rotator Cuff Strengthening

External Rotation w Band
Wall V’s
Reach for Sky


External Rotation of the Shoulder  aka: Pull Out with Band Exercises



Remember to keep elbows down and wrists “up” so that the whole arm is flat just skimming the floor. Rest your head.  Note: last image is what NOT to do.




Bend knees to help get entire spine and head against wall – fight to have whole back against wall the whole exercise.  Then raise arms into a “W” position working/aiming to get entire back of arms and wrists and hands on the wall as well.  Then slide arms (all of which are ideally on wall or aiming to be on the wall) SLOWLY up the wall into the “V” position, or better yet straight up.  Then slowly return to the “W” position – yes with arms and spine and head all against wall.  Note: you should feel the burn between your shoulder blades or just below your shoulder blades, not sharp pain in the top of your shoulders.


“Reach for the Sky” Exercise (a.k.a. supine serratus anterior exercise)

Lay on your back with your arms reaching up to the sky/ceiling with or without weight, arms locked straight. Reach through shoulders only as far as your shoulders can reach, then return to resting (don’t need to retract your shoulder blades). Repeat at a rhythmical pace. Do approx. 10-30x depending on your pain, comfort and strength. If you start shaking, or having trouble keeping your arms straight up then be done. Have Fun!