First and foremost, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.  

We are excited that the Ontario government has allowed us to re-open for in-person appointments because we have missed you!

Please read these important updates before your next visit with us. 

New appointment types: We have a new menu of appointment options to better meet your needs, including virtual (telehealth) and acute-injury (<48hrs) appointment options. If you are unsure if which appointment type best suits your needs, including choosing between virtual or in-person, please contact us.

Fee schedule update: We have an updated fee schedule to coincide with the new appointment menu. Click here to view the fee schedule

Provisional fee: We require everyone entering the clinic to wear a mask or face covering. If you require a mask for your appointment you will be charged $2.

Telehealth (video) appointments: During our closure we successfully offered virtual sessions for assessments, follow-ups and exercise updates. We continue to offer, and encourage, these virtual appointments wherever possible.


  • complete the Ontario Ministry of Heath COVID-19 screening questionnaire that is emailed to you 24-hours prior to your appointment;
  • not arrive early for your appointment;
  • respect social distancing of 2 meters in common areas;
  • come alone to your appointment (only one guardian with youth clients).
  • wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you enter the clinic.
  • wear a mask or face covering to your appointment if you have one. 

Infection Control: Your health and the health of our community is paramount; we follow strict infection control protocols set out by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and Health Canada, such as a HEPA filter, touchless hand sanitizers and medical-grade disinfectants, and we have expanded these protocols to meet new requirements within our clinic. FL!P is in a multi-tenant building with shared ventilation and public washrooms and cannot guarantee sanitization in common areas. 


  • When closed for in-person appointments we did a deep cleaning of the clinic space.
  • We have improved signage regarding handwashing, hand-sanitizing and if you have certain symptoms to NOT enter the clinic. 
  • We will sanitize high-touch and treatment areas (doorknobs, light switches, chairs, physio tables, etc.) between clients with medical-grade Health Canada approved disinfectants. 
  • We have removed all non-essential items from the waiting room, including magazines.
  • To promote physical distancing, there is increased transition time between clients and one-way traffic in/out of the clinic.
  • At this time, we will only accept Visa or Mastercard payments via our contactless system.
  • Physiotherapists will wear surgical procedure masks and wash their hands between clients, and as needed during appointments. We will use additional PPE if warranted.
  • The COVID-19 screening questionnaire by the Ontario Ministry of Health will be completed by all physiotherapists daily and for anyone entering the clinic.